April 5th in my Garden

Last fall I dug up these hyacinth bulbs and moved them to another part of the yard.  That’s the neat thing I’ve learned about them.  No matter how often I dig them up, I always seem to leave something of them behind.  I’m glad they are still there.  Don’t know why I chose to move them in the first place.

The gray plant is Santolina or Lavendar Cotton.  It stays this color all winter long.  In the spring it gets new greener foliage that gradually turns gray.  It gets yellow button-like flowers in the spring but I grow it for its foliage.  My purple hyacinths are lovely (smell good too).  My Sunsprite roses are beginning to leaf out. 

My pulmonaria has started to bloom.  The flowers are pretty but I grow it for its foliage. It is interspersed between yellow and blue hostas which are just now starting to poke up from the soil.  Pulmonarias, like most hostas, need shady conditions.  These are on the north side of our house.

Also on the north side is my PJM azalea.  It was just a stick with a couple of leaves on it when I bought it.  It is now about 6 feet tall.  In the winter its leaves curl up and turn a dark purple.  In a few more days the blooms will cover the plant so heavily that the leaves will seem to disappear.

Some of the older leaves of Bergenia look discolored and worn.  They have come through the winter with still some green on them.  New leaves are starting to form.  I love this plant.  It will bloom soon but it is another great foliage plant.  I have it in more than one place in my yard, but this area is my favorite.  

I like the look of the barberry that is just beginning to leaf out.  The yellow Marieke daffodils were purchased from White Flower Farms several years ago.  They have large blooms that face upward.  

These are my King Alfred daffodils.  (The Mariekes are in the background just in front of the fence.) The grassy looking plants among the King Alfreds are purple alliums. 

One of our squirrels eating from the feeder.  I walked around the yard nearby and he didn’t seem to notice.  I like our squirrels and it doesn’t bother me to feed them too. 

It was windy today and the daffodils all blew around.  I don’t know where these white ones came from.  I never planted bulbs for this type.  I think they were once my Ice Follies that no longer appear.  They may have reverted back to an earlier time.  The hellebores had greenish blooms when I bought them cheap at the end of spring several years ago.  They have since changed colors to purplish and white with still some green blooms in them.

The Purple Plum heucheras are starting to get more colorful.  They turn a little more brownish in winter.  The tulips are getting ready to bloom.  Those plants that look like danelions are poppies. 

My Black Lace sambucus looks dead, but it is just waiting for better weather.  The Playboy rose is starting to put out leaves. 

Three low-growing groundcovers fill in between the stepping stones in my garden.  The blue is a type of dianthis.  The other two are some kind of sedums (I think).

My Lamb’s Ear stays somewhat green all year.  It has started to green up a little more for spring.

Arum italicum, rose campion (gray leaves), and the small leaves in the foreground are bellflower.  The tiny leaves are some type of weed.  The onion-like leaves are wild garlic, a weed that has proven impossible to get rid of, but it dies back in late spring.

Sedum is coming up.  I still haven’t cleared away the older stems from last year.  The Nicole rose is starting to put out reddish leaves.  The creeping phlox beneath it is turning greener.

My hens ‘n chicks have stayed green throughout the winter but they look a little happier today.

The hydrangea that I moved here last fall has survived and new leaves are coming out down close to the ground.  Behind it are the leaves of Rebecca daisies. 

Back where we began!  The yellow creeping jenny is one of my favorite plants.  I leave it in semi-sunny places so it stays yellow.  Put it in the shade and it will turn greener.  I don’t put mine in shade because I like the yellowish leaves.  The greenery in the foreground is creeping phlox.  It will be blooming soon.


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3 Responses to April 5th in my Garden

  1. she says:

    i enjoyed seeing the pics of your garden so far. your camera appears to be a good investment — it does a lovely job of capturing your pretties. i love the hyacinths especially! i can’t seem to get them to do well in my yard.

  2. she says:

    have read your entry about you and the little neighbor boy. good detail. it sounds like you both have made a new friend. can’t wait to read the next tale you have to tell!

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