April 27th in my garden

My garden has grown since my last entry.  We’ve had lots of rain and the temperatures have been cooler than I like, but not cold enough to hurt the plants any. 

The creeping phlox have been battered somewhat by the rain that just keeps coming.  Their blue blooms are always a welcome sight in spring.

The walk to my front door is starting to look a little more inviting.

The bergenia is blooming.  I like the blooms, but the leaves are what make it really special.  I am also quite fond of the look of sedum when it is at this stage.  It looks like a bunch of little leaf bouquets clustered together.

The miniature irises are blooming, and the variegated ones are growing nicely. The creeping veronica (speedwell) is blooming.

I moved this burning bush here last fall.  I need something that will bush-out and provide some shade for the hostas that are to the west of it.  It seems to have come through the move quite well and seems happier here than in its previous home.

I really like the ajuga when it blooms.  When the flowers are gone it will still look pretty cool.  Its leaves are a deep purply-brown and they spread and take root, making a pretty tight groundcover. 

I love the contrast of the purple ajuga and the lamb’s ear against the green of the lawn. 

I laid this border several years ago.  I have actually buried the bricks to achieve this look.  My husband just runs the wheel of the lawnmower over the brick when he mows.  The black bag near the house holds leaves that have been sucked up with a blower-vac and mulched up.  I will be spreading these around over the bare spots soon.  It’s just been too wet to get in the beds yet.

The curves continue in the backyard.  I’ve planted ageratums behind the heucheras, but I am not sure if they will come up.  I tried to collect my own seeds from plants last fall.  Some plants are sterile so I don’t know if these will come up or not (or if they will look the same).  I still have time to change my mind though.  If they don’t come up within the next few days I will probably try something else. 

I have a chain-link fence that I purposely used to divide my backyard into garden rooms.  Both sides of the fence are in my yard.  In front are albo marginata hostas.  On the other side of the fence are several knock-out roses.  I have planted astilbes under the knock-outs.  You can see them just behind the hostas on the other side of the fence.  They are looking really good this year, no doubt, loving all the rain we’ve been getting.  They haven’t bloomed yet, but I am expecting quite a show when they do.


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6 Responses to April 27th in my garden

  1. pobept says:

    Grinning, I really dislike anyone that can and will grow such nice flower gardens.

    Happy gardening

  2. she says:

    nice article and pics. wish my yard looked as nice, but perhaps when the low temps rise, things will look better for me. enjoy your time outdoors this spring/summer — look forward to seeing your beauties in person in a few weeks.

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