Not Your Mother’s Three-Bean Salad

I like to keep cold salads in the fridge during the summer.  It makes meal time so much faster and easier.   All I have to do is prepare the main course and add the cold salads for sides.  One of my favorites is a three-bean salad NOT like the original.  I never liked the original because I don’t want sweet on my vegetables, and the early salads were drowning in a clear sweet liquid of some kind.

I learned this recipe from a friend a long time ago (thanks, Peggy).

  1. Drain and rinse one 14 oz. can each of green beans, wax beans, and red kidney beans. 
  2. Clean and slice several green onions (use the whole onion). 
  3. Clean and break into small florets about half of a cauliflower. 
  4.  Mix together all of the above. 
  5.  Pour in a generous amount of your favorite Italian Dressing.
  6. Toss vegetables in dressing until well coated (more is better).
  7.  Refrigerate 3-4 hours (overnight is even better). 

I made a batch just today.  I cut the onions and cauliflower into much smaller pieces than I prefer because my hubby is missing a few teeth.  But if you have plenty of teeth, leave the onion slices and cauliflower a little bigger.  Happy eating!


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4 Responses to Not Your Mother’s Three-Bean Salad

  1. she says:

    i love cold salads in the summer, too. your three bean salad is like one of mine, hard to tell where it came from years and years ago — one of my moms, probably. what else do you have to share with those of us who like easy and quick, cold and yummy??

  2. drfugawe says:

    I’ve often thought of trying this kind of salad with fresh garden beans – have you ever done that? My garden beans are just now breaking ground, but I think this year I’ll try using them for this salad.

    How’s your garden coming along?

    • adnelg says:

      I have never tried it with fresh green beans, but bet it would be yummy. Hope your garden produces lots of good beans. My garden is growing quite well. Have added cabbage, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, cantalope, and zucchini. No beans. Love them, but don’t love picking them. Besides I have no more room to give without giving up my “pretties”. I’ll post more pictures soon. Thanks for the note. I appreciate it and enjoy reading them.

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