The Best Chicken Salad

Say “Chicken Salad” and everyone knows what you mean.  Someone brings it to a carry-in though, you may find it hard to recognize.  We all have a vision of what chicken salad is but individual visions can vary greatly in appearance, flavor, and texture.

So here is yet another chicken salad….I think it’s the best.

You will need the following ingredients:

  • fresh or frozen chicken breasts
  • seedless red grapes
  • Granny Smith apple
  • pecan pieces
  • Miracle Whip

(Sometimes I add a few almond slices just before I serve it.  This is optional.)


  1.      Cook the chicken breasts on top of the stove in a skillet.  Let them cool then                 cut them into bite-size pieces.
  2.      Rinse the grapes.  Cut them into halves or quarters. 
  3.      Rinse the apple.  Cut it into chunks or small pieces.  (Do not peel.)
  4.      Add the pecans and mix with other ingredients.
  5.      Add Miracle Whip…just enough to coat … mix well.
  6.      Place in the refrigerator and let cool.

Serve with a croissant or between two pieces of your favorite bread.  Wonderful served with a side of cantaloupe.  Can also be eaten just as a salad.

NOTE:  It is important to get the right apple.  Granny Smiths are tart and crunchy.  They keep their texture and color beyond one day.


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  1. she says:

    yummy, looks like mine!!

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