It’s Fall in My Garden!

Wilma has started spending more time under the lamp on my desk.  Yesterday she climbed up on my lap while I was sleeping.  I awoke thinking  “She’s finally starting to need more affection”, but my husband later suggested “she is probably just using your body heat”.

It has cooled off lately.  My garden is showing the signs that another year is ending.  My tomato plants are still loaded with fruits that will most likely never make it to my dinner table.My husband likes fried green tomatoes, but I don’t.  I’ll pick some, slice them up, and roll them in cornmeal.  Then I’ll fry them in olive oil and butter, and serve them with some ham and beans.  He’ll like that.

I’ll pick as many as I can, including the ones that are barely turning.  They will continue to ripen in my kitchen.  I’m hoping the plants will last another week longer.  I do so much fresh tomatoes when winter comes.

Out front the maple we planted a year ago is revealing its fall colors.

Most of my flowers have finished flowering, but some hang on and brighten portions of my yard.  The roses especially seem to like the cooler temperatures.

My Playboy is still strutting his stuff and the double red Knock-outs are still blooming away.

Green Ice roses

On the other side of the yard my Green Ice miniatures are looking good.

Peter Mayo rose

The Peter Mayo I planted a few years ago never got as bushy as I thought it would, but its blooms are huge and they smell good too.

Some of my favorite plants, especially in fall, are the ornamental grasses when they display their plumes.

When I first started my garden I avoided plants that took up much space, but after years of experimenting with plants that require so much attention, I am wearing down physically and beginning to envision a yard filled with these beauties.

Another grass I love is the perennial fountain grass and its brother, the bunny grass.

Zuni crape myrtle

The Zuni crape myrtle I transplanted last fall did well this year in its new spot.  I love its fall colored leaves.

The Annabelle hydrangeas have turned to their fall colors.  The mopheads still stand out as impressive ornaments.

Many of the blooms of the year have disappeared, but one clematis is still blooming.

The Indian Summer black-eyed susans are one of my favorites.  They grow from seeds and they germinate all during the growing season.   This one started late so it is blooming now and should continue blooming until frost.

The best blooms of the season belong to the French mixture I planted from seeds.  This is the first year I’ve grown them, but it won’t be the last.


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3 Responses to It’s Fall in My Garden!

  1. She says:

    nice pics. don’t forget that you can pick your green tomatoes and let them ripen on your countertop. they may take awhile to turn, but they will turn and do taste good. maybe not as great as the really fresh off the vine but surely better than the store bought ones (and cheaper)!!

    • adnelg says:

      yYep, I be picking them before frost I hope but am trying to keep them on the vine for as long as possible. Haven’t tried that “pull them up by the roots and hang them in the garage” thing yet, but I way still try it. Will see.

  2. Great pictures! I’m happy to see that your fall garden is still full of summer colours.
    Be well, Jeanette

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