Banana Bread Leadership

“You need to eat those bananas before they get too ripe,” I said.

“I’m waiting,” he replied.


“Yes,” he assured me.  “I have a plan.”

Intrigue… Mystery… My cup of tea.

“We’re going to make banana bread,” he smiled.

“WE?” I said.  “What part of WE will you be contributing?”

“You’ll see,” he smiled as he headed out of the kitchen.

Two days later the bananas were still on the counter.  Black splotches had appeared all over them.

“The bananas are too ripe now,” I said.  “I wonder if the birds would like them?”

“But we’re going to make banana bread,” my husband said.  “They are just about perfect.”

“Do I have what I need to make it?” I asked.

He smiled.  “Sugar.  We’re low on sugar.”

That afternoon at the grocery store I included a small bag of sugar in my grocery cart.

“Great!” he said.  “We can make the bread this afternoon.  It will make a nice treat after supper and we can freeze what we don’t eat.  It heats up really fine in the microwave.”

“We?” I said.

He ignored the question and continued.  “Warm banana bread with lots of butter and a tall glass of ice tea…Man…that sounds good!”

It did sound good.  I got busy mixing up the batter.

Sometime later he walked through the kitchen on his way to the garage (his smoking room).  “That smells wonderful,” he said.

“Guess your plan is working,” I said.

“Of course,” he smiled.  “I planted a seed.  A banana bread seed. Now I just have to wait for it to grow into a loaf.”

A little while later I pulled a loaf of bread from the oven, sliced off a couple of pieces, and covered them with soft butter which quickly soaked in.  WE sat together and enjoyed the harvest of my labor.

“Looks like your plan worked,” I said.  “WE did make banana bread.”

“Of course,” he smiled. “Every idea needs time, inspiration, encouragement and a willing follower.”

WE now refer to any new suggestion he makes as Banana Bread Leadership.

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One Response to Banana Bread Leadership

  1. drfugawe says:

    In our house, we have Banana Cooperation – Sandee likes hers while the fruit still has a touch of green at the end – while I prefer to wait until they are soft and sweet. If any should go over the edge, they join our collection in the freezer, to later become a fruity component in some baked goodies – such as banana bread.

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