A Convenient Cat Toy

I was tired of bouncing plastic strips and dragging ribbons along the floor.  I needed a better way to entertain my cat so I made a new toy that works better for both of us.

First I dug out a piece of cotton fabric and ripped it into 2 inch strips.

I pulled away any loose threads and threw those away.  Then I tied each strip together end-to-end to make one long string rope.

I rolled the string into a ball then dropped the ball into a small box.  (The box had originally held 5 reams of paper stacked on top of one another.) From inside the box I poked the end of the string through the hand hole on the side of the box.  The last step was to put the lid back on the box.

I took the string hanging through the side handle and walked to the couch where I sat down to watch the morning news.  Wilma had been watching me the whole time of course.  While I watched the news I slowly, slowly began to roll the string into a ball.  From inside the box, the ball began to roll as well.  Wilma got closer to the box and tried to look inside.

During the half hour of news Wilma played with the string.  She even reached inside the hole to help the string come out a little faster.  She grabbed the tied ends with her mouth and helped it along that way as well.

I wondered what she would do when the last of the string came out of the box.  I thought she would follow it all the way to my lap.

That was not the case.  Wilma briefly examined the string once outside the box, but then she went back to peek through the hole in the side of the box.

She appeared to still be looking for the sound.  The box is light and my floors are wood, so the box moved forward but Wilma didn’t seem to even notice.  She continued to look and followed the box across the room where it finally bumped up against the wall.

All toys get old but this one has lasted quite awhile.  The box has since then become part of my morning routine.  I can sit comfortably watching the morning news programs while entertaining Wilma as well.  Sometimes she tries to free the string from its captor.  Sometimes she hides behind the couch watching intently and when the time is just right, she darts out to   attack the unsuspecting string.   At times she just crouches near the box and listens carefully.  Sometimes she grabs the bottom of the box as if to dig the sound out from the bottom.  I suspect the sound of the ball rolling inside is similar to the sound of a mouse moving inside a wall.  I don’t hear the sound but Wilma certainly does.

For now I’m satisfied with my new cat toy.  Wilma stays busy practicing her mouse catching skills and I get a convenient way of entertaining her (without the rodents).


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8 Responses to A Convenient Cat Toy

  1. What a great idea! My two cats are confined indoor during the winter and desperately need diversions and exercise. The cat toys that are sold at pet food stores entertain for short periods of time but quickly disintegrate. They often contain dangerous bits of plastic, or feathers, or stuffing. As it is a blustery, snowy day in Toronto, I will try my hand at a similar cat toy.
    Thanks and be well, Jeanette

  2. Joanna says:

    Hi I wonder if this would work with a poodle? it looks like a great way to keep your pretty cat amused and engaged 🙂

  3. Glenda says:

    Hi Glenda

    I found you at the Doc’s blog and thought I would check you out as we both have the same name. Your idea is great. I love how your cat can be amused for so long with something so simple. Young children used to be like that but now they have so many sophisticated toys. Sad in a way.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I write about a lot of different stuff and sometimes just tell stories based on my experiences. It varies so much it’s hard to pin down. My neighbor’s name is Glenda too. Guess there are more of us in the world than you might think.

  4. drfugawe says:

    Oh my, Sandee would kill for your floors! Our cats love just plain empty boxes – I bet if you enlarged the hole at the end of the box, Wilma would have even more fun.

  5. drfugawe says:

    I’ll be waiting to read about your springtime garden soon – can’t be too much longer!

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