Sharing Poppies and Digging Borders

It was a beautiful day and I had decided that today would be the day…the day to mend the border around my front flowerbed.  I put on my favorite gardening clothes, grabbed my gloves and straw hat, and headed for the garage.  I dug out the wheelbarrow, dropped in my favorite spade, then pushed them to the flowerbed in my front yard.


I began with just digging out some grass and soil at the front of the border.  Once I had a clump of soil and grass I tossed it into the wheelbarrow.  I dug until I had several feet of trench, then decided to use some of the grass to fill in bald spots around the yard.  We have several areas which are in need of help.

I am too impatient to wait for grass seeds to grow.  I prefer to use grass that is already growing.  Since I had just dug up plenty, I got busy replanting it.  I dug out a small section, put in a piece of sod from my wheelbarrow, then watered it well.  I made sure I pressed it down level with the ground so the lawnmower would move smoothly over it.  Then I took my camera out of my pocket and snapped a photo of my work.

It was about then that my neighbor stopped by.  She belongs to a group of volunteers who are working to refurbish the old horse stables in town.  We chatted briefly then she confided she had “come begging”.   She was in charge of getting flowers for some event they were having that afternoon, and “getting flowers” somehow ended with her shopping in my yard.

I don’t like to disappoint so I smiled and asked how much she needed.  Her reply was simply whatever I could give her.  I don’t often cut the flowers in my yard.  I will make small bouquets occasionally to share with a sick neighbor or a mother-to-be.  Sometimes I arrange a small group of flowers for the kitchen table. Mostly, though, I like the blooms to stay outside and look pretty where they grow.

I went inside to get my clippers while she went to her car to get her bucket.  Then we wandered around the yard and I snipped a few plants for her.  I gave her mostly poppies because those were the most obvious bloomers that day.  I also tucked in some bell flower, daisies, and lambs ear.

She never asked for anything specifically, leaving it to me to share what I wanted.  She looked hopefully at my irises and yellow roses but I didn’t offer her those.  I don’t know if I was as generous as she had hoped, but I felt I did my part to be neighborly.

After she left I went back to digging my trench.  I got all of it finished within a couple hours.

Then my husband helped out by dropping leaf mulch into the trench.  It probably needs more added after it rains but for now the mulch-filled trench provides a clean border for my flowerbed.  The border will last for the rest of the year and will need to be reworked again next spring.



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One Response to Sharing Poppies and Digging Borders

  1. drfugawe says:

    Those weeds just don’t have a chance in your yard, do they Glenda!

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