Hiatus For Now

Just a short note to my readers…. I need to take a short break to concentrate on a few other matters.  I hope you will stay with me and that wordpress doesn’t shut me down before I get back.  I’ve got several things to talk about but just need a little time.  Nothing for anyone to worry about…we’re fine here…just have to deal with a few “things” and so will not be spending much time at the computer until they are completed.  Hope you will stick with me and continue to check for me when I return.  Make a note of my address, subscribe with your email, or do whatever you need to do to find me again when I return. Thanks for those of you who read my stuff and especially to those who drop a comment ever now and then.  Though I write mostly for my own need to express, it does feel good to know that my words and photos touch someone somewhere for a brief time anyway.


About Glenda

Retired ... taking it slow and enjoying the simple things in life
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4 Responses to Hiatus For Now

  1. Glenda says:

    All the very best, enjoy your break.

  2. drfugawe says:

    Thanks for the notice – there’s no such thing as a blogger who doesn’t occasionally need some time off – use your time wisely and enjoyably, and we’ll be here when you decide to get back.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i look forward to hearing from you again — good luck with the “things” continue your blogging when you get ready. we’ll still be here. — she

  4. Hi Glenda,
    Be kind to yourself as you go through the ‘things’. My own posting has been erratic for the past few months — I understand.
    I’ll look forward to seeing your posts in future.

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