Preparing for Frost

Exhausted from working in the garden all day, I was not happy to hear the “frost advisory” for our area.  It was a gamble I had taken when I chose to start planting early.  I live in Zone 5 so any annuals planted prior to May 1st run the risk of being lost should a big enough frost hit.  I was exhausted from working in the garden all day and this was not news I wanted to hear. Still, I was glad I’d found out in time to protect my investment.

I gathered up trash bags and tarps, laid them over the areas where high concentrations of annual flowers were planted, and held them down with bricks.  Next I dug out my many plastic containers I always save when I buy a new plant.  With the help of my husband we used them to cover individual plants.  P1020432I used a trash bag to cover my large outdoor pots as well. The next morning I removed everything and put it away for another day.  I saved all my new plants and still got the benefit of an early start. P1020434


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love your stories, keep writing about your life and the simple things that make life great!

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